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Casa das Palabras

VERBUM - Casa das Palabras is an interactive museum related to all human communication aspects designed as a cultural and recreational space where visitors can participate, actively, of all exhibit elements.

El Verbum desde el exterior, se abre en una nueva ventana
El Verbum desde el interior, se abre en una nueva ventana

VERBUM is an entertainment space which allows experimenting and knowing through games all related to communication: languages, words, letters, sounds, signs, symbols, sight, hearing, reading, writing, literature, technology.

VERBUM is a Latin term which means “word”, because word is the origin of the project content and because Latin is the origin of the languages spoken in Galicia. Taking the word as reference of minimum meaning unit, VERBUM contents are divided into four general subjects: languages, sciences, literature and technology.

VERBUM's permanent offer wides with the programme of different exhibitions and complementary activities.

algúns dos contidos do Verbum que podes descubrir visitando a páxina - no se abre nunha nova fiestra
  VERBUM | Avda de Samil Nº 17 | 36212 Vigo (Spain)| verbum@vigo.org | Telephone +34 986 240 130 | Fax +34 986 240 633